Capitalism Doesn’t Sleep

Capitalism is an oppressive system built on free enterprise and individual rights. This deceptively suggests that this system is economically and socially progressive. Nevertheless, it benefits the selfish interest of a few, the elites of the world, and damages the welfare of everyone else. Based on Karl Marx’s theory on surplus value, a capitalist sole interest is to make a profit, which leads to stealing value through labor and production. As a result, capitalism has led to an inequity effect on the social system. It has widened the gap between “the haves” and the “the have-nots” and the propagated limitless greed for the upper echelon.

Capitalism creates disparity. The American mantra, “anyone can get rich if they work hard enough,” is for the most part, a fallacy. There’s only so much room at the top. In order to have money, the first step is to take if from someone else. This means that the rich cannot exist without the exploited. No matter how you look at it, there will never be equality under this system.

When resources are not evenly distributed, this leads to the wealthy having an unnecessary surplus of resources. Starvation among the poor and wasted food among the rich, is the end game. While rarely these surpluses are distributed to the poor, often this excess is squandered. Countless dollars worth of food is wasted by those who have more than they need. Many, in less developed nations, are famished because they cannot afford to feed themselves at a capitalist table.

Under a capitalist system, an anti-socialist atmosphere is created. When people are only concerned about what’s in their own pocket, they will avoid helping others, as their focus is self-centered and self-serving. The value of a human life depreciates in this system. Capitalists increase their profits thought the use of self-checkouts, assembly lines, automated tellers and other robotics. The need for skilled laborers decreases. In fact, one doesn’t find much direct human interaction anymore. The effects include an altered modern culture, a computerized artificial state. People would rather interact on social media than via direct contact.

Capitalists are so concerned with their margins that they are willing to cut any corners that will decrease the cost of production. This often generates environmental hazards and health and safety risks. This leads to pollution and welfare issues. It costs these corporations far less to “pay off” the families of those who have died in manufacturing accidents in a civil lawsuit than to implement proper safety measures. Additionally, insufficient training has repeatedly resulted in injuries and even death. It should not be hard to convince people not to kill themselves, however, this is exactly what corporations do as they decline to put in action, environmental measures that will cut into their profit margins.

Capitalism turns a blind eye to democracy. In a democracy, an individual has a single vote. In a “dollarocracy,” citizens have very little influence on the actions of the government. The real impact on the government, greater than any ideology or public opinion, comes from Park Avenue. Government officials are morel likely to cater to big businesses and banks in order to meet the needs of their election campaigns. These politicians will give more weight to big media moguls due to their influence on public opinion than the everyday protester. Therefore, we have a government that is up for sale to the highest bidder.

Capitalism breeds exploitation, economic disparity, selfishness, hyper-competitiveness and consumerism. It has changed the very outlook of humanity. Riches have become an important measure of status. It has led to the moral degeneration of man. Clearly, capitalism has failed to bring about the moral development of man. Ethics are fading fast. Capitalism has brought detrimental effects to society. It has proven to be a cures to humanity instead of a blessing.

In countries where the capitalist system of production prevails, the masses of the people are forced down to the condition of workers who are systematically separated from their tools, instruments and skills of production, so that, they cannot produce nothing by their own efforts and they are therefore subject to the position of mere consumers and dependent as slaves to the few rich and powerful capitalists.

The elite affluent oppressors, a small group of property holders, “capitalists’ and landlords, who alone, possess the most important sources of livelihood, the executive or private ownership of which (enables & invest) them with the power to enslave and subjugate the class of property-less and to exploit them.

While the majority of the people, sink into ever deeper in want and misery, this small group of capitalists and landlords seek to gain enormous wealth and profits seeking to take advantage of human beings and nature, destroying and depleting the earth of its resources and of the poor, of their livelihood. They care not of the wretched, miserable condition of the poor and impoverished, their only concern is gain and profits.

To protect the rich and famous, military expenses of the great world-states have increased incredibly and to and insult to injury, the state is becoming constantly more expensive, its monetary burdens ever heavier. Capitalists and the landowners try everywhere to force these money burdens upon the poor classes.


“And there shall come forth a rod out of the stem of Jesse, and a Branch out of his roots: And the Spirit of YHWH shall rest upon him, the sipirt of wisdom and understanding, the spirit of counsel and might, the spirit of knowledge and of the fear of the LORD;…

WITH RIGHTEOUSNESS SHALL HE JUDGE THE POOR, and reprove with EQUITY for the meek of the earth: and he shall smite the earth with the rod of his mouth, and with the breath of his lips shall he SLAY THE WICKED.” Isaiah 11:1,2,4

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