Sad? Depressed? You Might Be Suffering From Capitalism

Friends, brothers, sisters and families, we are asking for the participation of all who are tired of the suffering and the oppression, the injustice and inequality inflicted upon the poor from the so-called upper classes, or the rich elite & the state. The governing bodies of the ’empires’ have their politicians, judges, military and police everywhere, but it seems as if there is ‘justice’ nowhere. The educational apparatus have persuaded many to join the ranks in the chase for money. So many desire to sit at the table with the affluent, and turn their backs on the masses of the people who suffer while the rich and upper class live good off the labor, blood, sweat and tears of the downtrodden.

You and I must not fail to take heed to the cry of the people who fall victim to the systemic injustice and inequality that we see in our face today. There is a job to be done, especially for the working class. There is a responsibility and a potential power in the hands of the working classes. All of you who are entering in or seeking to enter into the work force, such as high school grads, or GED grads, college students, trade apprentices, interns, those of us in work programs – all the above, could be valuable assets in the struggle for justice and equality.

There was a blue collar worker that organized the wage workers and defended the cause of the downtrodden, the poor, oppressed, sick and needy, he was arrested and executed while laboring in the the redemptive struggle for humanity. This blue collar worker, was the people’s prophet. His popularity was great among the poor masses. This man was the voice of the people when he confronted the ruling classes, he fought against the injustice toward the masses of the people, he spoke out against the government officials and the upper classes, because they lived good and the majority of the people suffered (Luke 12:16-21; Luke 16:19-21; Luke 18:18-22).

This blue collar worker was Jesus (Christ) of Nazareth, he was a “craftsman” a skilled tradesman (Mark 6:3 Is not this the carpenter, the son of Mary, the brother of James, and Joses, and of Juda, and Simon? and are not his sisters here with us? And they were offended at him.) This blue collar worker, Jesus, was confronted by one of the rich ruling class elites, and as it was recorded in a fragment on a scroll entitled “The Gospel to the Hebrews” it reads {“And Jesus said to him, ‘If you will be whole-hearted, go sell all that you have and give to the poor…

…He said unto him: Go, sell all that you own, and distribute it unto the poor, and come, follow me. But the rich man began to scratch his head, and it pleased him not. And the Lord said unto him: How say you: I have kept the Law and the Prophets? For it is written in the Torah: You shall love your neighbor as yourself and lo, many of your brothers, sons of Abraham, are clad in filth, dying for hunger, and your house is full of any good things, and nothing at all goes out of it unto them’

The Historical Jesus was an activist. As stated above, he organized the people, many in the working class, those who would hear & listen, learned and obeyed, what Jesus taught them. Many of the people followed the instructions that Jesus gave them, on how to help one another during the economic crisis of 33 A.D, his method was successful, the people were provided for and none was lacking (food, shelter clothing, etc.) (Acts 4:32-37). He promised them relief, right then and there in their life on the earth-not ‘when they die’, (Mark 10:29,30). This promise is also to us if we follow the same instructions.

The real historical Jesus did not give the people a message that will cause them to be inactive, to sit and ‘do nothing’, or lay down, close your eyes and “pray” and hope to fly off in the clouds to “heaven”. We must take notice that the folks who taught us that “lie”, to look for the pie in the sky, have our hard earned money (or our loved ones hard earned money), in their pockets and bank accounts, living in big beautiful homes, with pricey cars and some have private jets. What is to be done about this?

Jesus and his companions or disciples, were blue collar workers, proactive for the masses of people who were suffering the misery of inequality, poverty and the lack of justice. Nevertheless, the activist who followed Jesus and did his works, were hunted down in the city streets, towns and villages. They were arrested, put in jail and many suffered capital punishment by the hands the upper classes. The ruling elite used the state and federal governments to try and destroy them (the followers of Jesus), the disciples were hard working people who wanted justice, but they were arrested. However the movement of Jesus had started, stood strong, in the face of the “Government/Empire”.

Today the empires of the world have gone to great lengths to hide the message and activity of the working class activist who followed the movement of Jesus (Christ) of Nazareth. In each generation, there is a call, deep down in the soul of some people, to be active for this movement, they know that things are not right, they see the upper class laugh and dine at dinner parties, while they hold many people in a position of suffering and poverty.

We need answers, so we can address these issues. We have found that the Bible is a library of literature, that contains within it, a blue print that will lead to freedom, justice, equity and relief from poverty. The Bible isn’t literature that teach us to close our eyes and get on your knees and “do nothing” so you can go to heaven one day, it is a blue print that leads to justice on earth. Let us open our eyes, after we pray- let’s get on the move, the front line of the battle is hot! Stand up! So the corrupt religious & political leaders can no longer have their hands in our pockets, fooling us and using us for their own personal gain& advantages! Jesus of Nazareth’s brother, James, also was an activist, his message to those who ruled over the people unjustly was this:

James Chapter 5

Go to now, ye rich men, weep and howl for your miseries that shall come upon you. You riches are corrupted, and your garments are moth eaten. Your gold and silver is cankered; and the rust of them shall be a witness against you, and shall eat your flesh as it were fire, Ye have heaped treasure together for the last days.

Jesus, the people’s prophet from Nazareth, called on the working class people to do a job: bring your skills and resources to the table. Commitment, courage and dedication is needed. For further info, and if you want to help in the work, contact the NMP. Bring your questions- all of them.

The Nazarene Journal

A publication of the Nazarene Messianic Party

Let us build on true independence and salvation for the people.

You can reach us the (NMP) at 716-885-2289


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