Why Will There Only Be A Few Saved In This Age?

Let’s make it plain. We find very strange things in the so-called Christian world, in the so-called commandment keeping world and even in the so-called Israelite world. Some teachings, some doctrines have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospel of the Messiah. This beastly empire that many are serving has caused the people, by and […]

The Mark Of The Beast And Western Schools

The mark of the beast is a hallmark subject of last days teaching. Whatever this mark spoken of in the book of Revelation is how do we avoid it? As we live in the European and American economic systems we must consider what we are being pushed to do with our lives. Is the system […]

Heaven: A Social Political Analysis

Heaven. What does it mean? Where will it be, what will it be and how does it look ? There are many different answers to these questions. But one must consider that many people’s imagination of heaven can be misleading. Some who claim to be religious say no one knows where heaven will be or what […]