The religious organizations today, the head men who institute the schools of theology, have done their best to depoliticize the prophets, the Messiah and the apostles. When they find themselves reading the bible they cause the laity, the populous, to only focus and concentrate on the symbolism of different stories, putting most of the emphases on a shallow understanding or first layer without getting into it historically. Especially in capitalist countries. A great deal of money has been invested to keep the people clouded in this type of limited study. This ignorance does have a price and a great many, as a result, are cheated out of life itself.

In the hands of Western theology the bible is anything but the blue print in the redemptive struggle of humanity. The teachings brought by Jesus of Nazareth today become convoluted and what the Creator is asking from the people now becomes a mystery. The enemies of God have turned the books of the bible into, by and large, a fantasy where as a result man finds himself waiting to die for his relief while a ruling class assemble and reap the earths wealth. This is simply not the case. The earth is a glorious creation of God and he placed man on it to dress and keep it. By breaking free of these shackles you will find that the Hebrew scriptures deal heavy handed in politics, economics, justice and equity, from Genesis to the book of Revelation. You will not go far into reading without running into the class struggle between the oppressed and oppressor.

It is God working in the hearts and minds of man that will usher in his kingdom of justice and equity on earth. For all the nations and families of earth who decided to learn and follow his ways. This is his promise made to Abraham and this is the destiny in sight. Education is the first step in any revolution and it is required for the servants of God to be well rounded going forward in this struggle for peace.

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