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Liberation Theology (Christian/Communist) Study Group


We invite you to join Skype for Christian, Communist study group and general discussions about liberation theology. Meetings start at 7:30pm every Friday (US Eastern Standard Time).

Skype: Liberation Theology (Christian/Communist) Study Group

Buffalo, New York: If you are in or near the Buffalo area and would like to attend in person you are welcome to do so. Please see contact information below.

In our meetings we typically analyze:

  • The historic mission and environment of the Jesus movement
  • Role of the vanguard band called Christian, past and present
  • Current events, history with solutions brought to the table and discussed
  • Past revolutions and revolutionaries
  • Social-political and economic pressures recorded in the Bible and as expressed in capitalist society
  • Tactics of revolution: The master teacher’s doctrine (Jesus of Nazareth called the Christ)
  • Capitalism, communism and instructions (Torah) of the Almighty God of Israel

Contact information:

  1. Elder Judah: (716) 541-7350
  2. Brother Ed: (810) 522-3360

Please call with any comments, questions or concerns.


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