Ripe For Revolution: 33 A.D.

In the years of tumult that followed the Roman occupation of Judea, as Rome became enmeshed in a debilitating civil war between Pompey Magnus and his erstwhile ally Julius Caesar, even while remnants of the Hasmonaean Dynasty continued vying for the favors of both men, the situation for the Jewish farmers and peasants who harrowed […]

Racism: A Feature Of Capitalism

Racism as it exists today is not a modern creation. Its theory and practice in society is also a feature found back in feudal Europe. It goes back further still. However the principles are the same and it remains, as it was then, a controlling mechanism of the ruling class; a barrier to the redemptive […]

The Mark Of The Beast And Western Schools

The mark of the beast is a hallmark subject of last days teaching. Whatever this mark spoken of in the book of Revelation is how do we avoid it? As we live in the European and American economic systems we must consider what we are being pushed to do with our lives. Is the system […]

Moses: The Enemy Of The State!

Karl Marx and Fredrick Engels bear witness in the Communist Manifesto that “the history of hitherto all existing societies is the history of class struggles.” The bible tells us the same thing, before and after the flood. Of freeman and slave. Partisan and plebeian. Of lord and surf. Guild master and journeyman. In short, oppressor vs. […]

Social Murder

When one individual inflicts bodily injury upon another, such injury, that death results, we call the deed manslaughter; when the assailant knew in advance that the injury would be fatal, we call his deed murder. But, when society places thousands of citizens in such a position that they inevitably meet a too early an unnatural […]

The Prison Industrial Complex…Who Profits?

Violence and crime continues to prevail over the cities of America and elsewhere. In order for us to address this problem, we need to identify its’ causes and until we find a solution, to its’ causes, we all should know, violence, murder and crime will continue to rise. Violence, murder and crime have a special […]

Sad? Depressed? You Might Be Suffering From Capitalism

Friends, brothers, sisters and families, we are asking for the participation of all who are tired of the suffering and the oppression, the injustice and inequality inflicted upon the poor from the so-called upper classes, or the rich elite & the state. The governing bodies of the ’empires’ have their politicians, judges, military and police everywhere, […]

What They Don’t Tell Us In History Class

So much of our history is centered on the idea that the settlement of America by Europeans was a grand enlargement of individual rights and the pursuit of opportunity, we tend to pay little attention to the ordinary experiences and feelings of the people who made the settlement possible- especially those who did not achieve […]