Racism: A Feature Of Capitalism

Racism as it exists today is not a modern creation. Its theory and practice in society is also a feature found back in feudal Europe. It goes back further still. However the principles are the same and it remains, as it was then, a controlling mechanism of the ruling class; a barrier to the redemptive […]

Why Will There Only Be A Few Saved In This Age?

Let’s make it plain. We find very strange things in the so-called Christian world, in the so-called commandment keeping world and even in the so-called Israelite world. Some teachings, some doctrines have nothing whatsoever to do with the Gospel of the Messiah. This beastly empire that many are serving has caused the people, by and […]

Capitalism Doesn’t Sleep

Capitalism is an oppressive system built on free enterprise and individual rights. This deceptively suggests that this system is economically and socially progressive. Nevertheless, it benefits the selfish interest of a few, the elites of the world, and damages the welfare of everyone else. Based on Karl Marx’s theory on surplus value, a capitalist sole […]